I was struggling for a few years to lose weight and tried every fad diet out there with no results. I met Corry and discussed my goals with him and he created a food plan for me, a home workout schedule ,and I was training with him 3x a week. I lost 70 pounds in the first year. I still train with him but he gave me the foundation for proper nutrition and effective workout routines.



  • I should have written this a long time ago – because Corry Tibbs was instrumental in transforming myself, not only in body, but also in spirit. I came to Tibbs in February of 2013 on a recommendation from a previous co-worker. I got engaged, and wanted to feel beautiful on my wedding day and needed some help losing weight. I was skeptical, because I had never worked out with a trainer, or even committed myself to a healthier lifestyle. In the gym – Tibbs is intense! His focus is on results, and you have to push yourself for results. The variety he offers in his workouts with you, along with his intensity, is infectious and exhausting at the same time (in a good way ). But to get results, you have to a the right nutrition plan too. This is something that Tibbs focuses on and will continue to work with you on. He suggested I kick-start my healthy eating lifestyle with the Advocare 24-day challenge. Which I loved! I lost 14 pounds in 24 days, which was great, but I also learned what’s healthy to eat and portion control! I continue to use Advocare products to this day. Six and a half months after working out with Tibbs I got married. I had lost over 30 pounds and several inches. Most importantly, I gained confidence in myself. Tibbs gave me the formula for feeling healthy and getting the desired results. He is committed to each and every client’s success. I have suggested several friends and co-workers to Tibbs who have had also had overwhelmingly positive experiences. If you put in the work with Tibbs, you will get the results. Thanks Corry Tibbs!!!!!



Coach Tibbs knows his stuff. I’ve been working with him for about 3yrs & he is committed to each and everyone if his clients. I had a baby a month & a half ago, a week after I gave birth I was back to my pre pregnancy weight thanks to the work that had been put in with Coach. He made meal plans as well as workout routines for me follow & checked in with me to see if  I had done them. If you have workout sessions with him he is encouraging and shows you each exercise with proper form to maximize results and prevent injuries. He has worked out beside me when I felt like I couldn’t finish. If you need a personal trainer that is caring and will do whatever he can to see you reach your fitness goal Corry Tibbs is the Coach for you. He will get you the results you work for! #TeamTibbs #CorryTibbs


Lluvia H.~~